Our Solutions for Business

Our Solutions for Business

The private sector has become key to developing and sustaining robust security services and solutions, as today’s security challenges can no longer be met fully by in-house government capabilities.  Othrys offers a deep understanding of national security needs and requirements, knowledge of government bidding processes, and the ability to develop and manage relationships between the public and corporate sectors.  We bring government agencies and service providers together to provide security solutions.

International Business Development

Othrys offers companies strategic advice on international business development strategies and market penetration and expansion. We conduct market gap analysis and stakeholder identification, advise on international market entry strategies, and support the development of government-business relationships and the creation of public-private partnerships. Using our experience in building and managing relationships with government and our reputation as experts in security and intelligence, Othrys has successfully introduced companies to government and other partners in the UK and Africa.


Othrys helps businesses understand and navigate government departments and agencies nationally and globally. We provide clients with legal and security strategies for operating commercially in corrupt and high-risk business environments. We advise businesses on the development of technological and service solutions to meet national security requirements. We catalyse business-to-business collaboration to grow commercial success in the security sector. We also advise businesses on organisational development and change management.

Our Track Record

  • Delivered a major change strategy and partner introductions to a large Middle Eastern security service.
  • Helped several security technology companies understand, enter and manage complex foreign markets.
  • Advised a North American public safety technology PLC on business development and marketing in the UK and overseas markets.
  • Delivered a Market Expansion Strategy for a leading British specialist security training provider.
  • Advised a multinational engineering PLC on engagement with and understanding of national government departments.
  • Devised and delivered Defence Engagement initiatives to bring Defence and Military Attaches and commercial security expertise together.
  • Advised an international security PLC on new market entry, overseas business development and marketing.
  • Designed and created an international partnership to deliver an innovative counter-threat finance service.