Othrys Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

The ability to understand and control open source environments is a critical component of both national security and commercial operations.

Othrys develops affordable, robust and comprehensive open source collection, analysis and management solutions for all organisations with information, intelligence and communication challenges or opportunities.

We help to bridge the growing gulf between Artificial Intelligence-driven 'big data' crunching and the ability to interpret what it means, so to make better and more confident decisions. We support human analysis to create stronger institutional memory and collective intelligence.

Our system architecture integrates best-of-class digital capabilities to provide a single endpoint solution, either as a stand-alone capability that we build for you, an agile plug-in to existing systems or as a managed service.

Turn-key OSINT solutions

OSINT both as an intelligence service and OSINT capacity building programmes.

OSINT System design

Ensures efficient use of technology and human processes and maintains software development.

Technology advisory and brokerage

Configures different, best of class IT subcultures specifically to the client requirement.

Academic and expert outreach

Manages engagement with academics, subject matter experts and other specialist practitioners to secure proprietary data and guidance.

Analysis training & support

Provides additional analyst capacity, mentoring and knowledge transfer of best practices.

Advisory & exploitation

Provides outcomes support and determines how outputs can be used to best effect.

Programme management

Records and measures impact; provides oversight and assurance; and keeps open source architecture within relevant data protection and privacy laws.