Counter-Ransomware (C-RW™)

A ransomware attack shuts down your systems and denies access to data that is vital for your company. Getting back in business involves large payments and huge stress.

Counter-Ransomware enables you to become ransom-resistant through deeper cyber resilience, expert response services and remediation to build back stronger. Uniquely, C-RW is backed by a ransomware warranty: subject to having the right resilience measures in place, you would be eligible for up to $500,000 to help you deal with the consequences of an attack should one happen.

Ransomware is not just an IT issue or cyber problem - it is an attack on the integrity and wellbeing of your business. That attack will affect not only your data and IT systems but also your people’s morale and purpose and your company’s financial health and value.

Your board, shareholders, leadership and staff will all expect you to be prepared, but being hit with ransomware is complex to deal with, throws up unexpected challenges and feels intrusive. That psychological impact exacerbates the financial and technical damage that will undoubtedly occur.

C-RW gives you peace of mind on all of these issues


*Forbes 2022

Othrys offers a uniquely complete solution to managing ransomware risk before, during and after an attack: one that considers the technical, human, legal and financial aspects in one seamless service.

Should an attack happen, both management and staff will find the experience traumatic and unpredictable. In responding to a highly charged situation, they may make poor decisions and they could be affected badly in the longer term. Company records can be irretrievably lost or damaged, the attacker can create a persistent and hidden presence inside your IT system that can be revisited months or years after the initial attack and stolen company and personal data can be traded and re-traded on the dark web by organised criminals.

Ransomware attacks are increasingly common, a trend that will continue. A company that has prepared itself with careful planning and reliable, specialist support can take ransomware in its stride. It will avoid an attack – or, if one happens, manage it like any other business crisis. The challenges of managing that crisis will be significantly eased by the injection of up to $500,000 from the ransomware warranty.

The Othrys Counter-Ransomware (C-RW) Cycle contains the following

  • Resilience – Digital hardening, training, tabletop response exercises and technical preparation to increase your ransomware resistance.
  • Response – Sometimes bad things just happen. Our 24/7/365 response capability does not just cover technical support but also crisis leadership and management, ransom negotiation and payment, cryptocurrency expertise and consideration of legal issues and insurance, as well as the mental wellbeing aspects of the event.
  • Remediation – Getting back in business with the minimum of disruption, while learning lessons, strengthening systems and ensuring that the attackers have not left anything that could be a future threat.

    Our modules can be part of an enduring, proactive solution, or we can respond to events as they occur.

Othrys Counter-Ransomware (C-RW) services are focused on protecting profits, reputation and people.

Our Clients

We advise the boards of large corporates, place CISOs in high-profile positions and support small to medium sized companies managing large budgets or valuable portfolios, as well as the supply chains that service large commercial entities. Often our clients work in regulated industries, where the penalties for being ransomed are particularly severe.

935% increase in double-extortion ransomware attacks since 2020.

Our clients need something that is designed for their needs, giving a service that offers more assurance than an off-the-shelf solution.

Common challenges include:

  • How to prepare for the uniquely complex nature of a ransomware attack

  • How to access ransomware expertise, without the budget to own it in house

  • How to secure a network that has evolved over time and caters to staff with varying levels of IT skill

  • How to manage the conflicting data requirements of security, privacy and compliance

  • How to respond effectively and rapidly to an attack, including negotiation, arranging payment and informing statutory bodies

With the likelihood of a ransomware attack increasing year on year, Othrys C-RW services are cost-saving measures that give businesses assurance, even when insurance might not be attainable.

Our clients can expect:

  • The peace of mind knowing that their business is well prepared
  • Reassurance for their customers that operations will not be interrupted
  • Expert advice on hand if a ransomware attack occurs
  • Technical expertise to rebuild their systems and get their business back
  • Calm, experienced, reliable support through what is typically a highly stressful time

C-RW services are flexible to our clients’ needs. The three areas of service each stand independently, or can be combined for a comprehensive ransomware solution.

They can be retained for a monthly fee or taken as individual consulting interventions.

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Experienced Increase in Volume / Complexity / Cyber Attacks

Increase in Proportion That Paid Ransom of US$1m or More

90% Ransomware Attack Impacted Their Ability to Operate

*Sophos, The State of Ransomware, April 2022

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