We are your trusted partners solving your most complex problems.

We bring to you decades of experience, know how and judgment in managing your security risk as a core element of your business strategy. We offer you complete peace of mind in the resolution of your most difficult and intractable security problems, no matter where in the world. We decode the lexicon of security and make it accessible, understandable and affordable. And we help you navigate the ever-changing complexities of the security, intelligence and cyber markets.

Our security consultants are ready to help you with:

Security Health Check

We offer a light touch, discreet security health-check for your organisation. We bring in a small team of experts with skills, knowhow and backgrounds tailored to your needs, to give you an independent and objective view of your vulnerabilities, risks and security requirements. If your business is in good shape we will tell you. If not, we will help you get fit for purpose.

Security strategy

We help review and, if necessary, design and then implement your security strategy. We help get your leadership, governance, people, processes, technology, organization and security culture into exactly the right posture for your business.

Cyber risk management including insider and outsider threat awareness and mitigation

We offer you access to cyber experts who are not trying to sell you a product. Our cyber advisors have all led organisations; they are senior cyber experts but they are also operational leaders who understand business risks and balance of investment decisions. We can review your current risk assessment and cyber investment plans and give you an objective, decoded, brand agnostic view of your current status and your future needs.

Crisis Preparedness and Business Resilience

Our advisors have lifetimes of experience in reacting to and managing crises of all shapes and forms. We can help you ensure your business resilience plans are fit for purpose, that you and your leadership teams are trained and ready for the crisis when it comes, and we can be on call to help you react and recover in the aftermath of a crisis.

We also have specialist skills in crisis resilience, supporting leadership and stress management. This delivers improved staff retention and raises overall performance. See our Resilience section.

Security Training and Capacity Building

All organisations need a certain amount of training in order to stay on top of their games, or to grow into the future. We can review your current security training needs and help you plan for the future. We can offer you access to hard to find training experts drawn from renowned security organisations and agencies who will teach and inspire your teams and help you grow the human and technical capabilities you need.

What can we help you with?

We treat all enquiries with absolute discretion and without any implied commitment or obligation