Othrys Technology

Choosing the right technology solutions at the right price and integrating them effectively into your organisation is not easy. Othrys technology experts can help you navigate the security technology sector, working to identify the right technology for you against cost and risk, and helping you to integrate new or novel technology into your existing systems.

We work with technology companies to help them grow and succeed. We help assess innovative technology, working with companies to shape their new products to fit better into current security and public safety markets. We help technology businesses grow through access to the right expertise at the right time, and we offer support in the search for the right investment. We also offer assistance with global market penetration.

Our security technology experts can help you with:

Market, product and business support to tech start-ups

We love working with small and new companies to help them shape their products, grow the company, establish their brand, build their B2B and B2G networks, attract investment and sell into security markets.

International business development

We conduct market gap analysis and stakeholder identification, advise on international business development and market entry strategies, and we offer support to government-business relationships. Using our experience in building and managing relationships with government and our reputation as experts in security and intelligence, Othrys has successfully introduced companies to governments and other partners in the UK, the Middle East, Australia and Africa.

Government services

Othrys helps businesses understand and navigate government departments and agencies nationally and globally. We advise on how they can develop their technologies and services to fit emerging national security requirements. We get great satisfaction from helping to connect clients to governments, and to connect government-facing businesses together.

Technology Advisory Boards

Short or long-term Advisory Boards can be a cost-effective way to get the strategic advice you need. They can be used to good effect to support the achievement of specific goals, such as advising on technology markets and acquisition, or to help achieve specific objectives such as a major technology transformation.

We can help you create, populate and operate your Advisory Boards. We can help you define your Board strategy, write your Terms of Reference, identify the skill sets you need on your Board, find the right people for you, provide Chair and Secretariate functions as required, and help deliver the Board outputs.

Find, understand and use technology to your advantage

Our team has lifetimes of experience in finding, blending, innovating and using the best available technology to achieve operational effect. While being passionate about and fascinated by existing and emerging technologies, our people are all operational leaders who can de-code technology, cyber and digitisation for non-experts. We know which companies to work with to achieve tailored, artisan solutions to your goal, we know how to get the best return on investment in technologies, and we understand how to build technology and digital change into a business strategy.

Access brilliant, hard-to-find tech companies

Alongside out network of Associates, we have built a network of brilliant companies with whom we collaborate. Some of these companies are global corporations but many are small, highly specialised and hard to find; the common thread is that we trust, respect and admire them all - and we would recommend any of them in a heartbeat. They share our values, our expeditionary mindset, and they are all passionate craftspeople who are the very top of their trade, always delivering beyond expectation. If you are looking for a rare capability or simply a company who you can like and trust, we will find them for you.

What can we help you with?

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