Othrys brings together world class investigators and intelligence analysists drawn from renowned security ministries, intelligence agencies and police forces. We have an expert understanding of the use of technology and decades of intelligence and investigations knowhow and wisdom. As former senior leaders ourselves, we really understand the information needs of senior leaders, and we understand decision making and the management of risk. We also understand the need for complete discretion when required.

Ethics, values and legal compliance underpin everything we do.

Threat and risk analysis for companies and organisations operating in high risk areas

By searching, sifting and analysing all openly available information, in any language or format, we are producing detailed weekly and monthly intelligence reports, or individual spot reports, to help identify threats, to better manage risks, to provide alerts and warnings, and to seize opportunities – anywhere in the world.

Asset tracking and recovery reports

We work with law firms and insurance companies to help them identify and track down legally recoverable assets.

Due Diligence (DD) investigations

We offer a range of DD investigations to help companies, law firms, agencies, organisations and individuals de-risk important financial or legal decisions, or to make critical or sensitive leadership appointments.

Information reports for mergers and acquisitions

We have been surprised in the past by how little parties to a merger or acquisition know about each other. We produce discreet reports that help inform and de-risk strategic corporate decisions.

Online presence

Individuals and organisations often have little knowledge of how much information about them is freely available in open sources - or available for sale by criminals on the dark web. The email passwords of Chief Financial Officers are exchanged for hard cash on the dark web, as is compromising information about people of high worth. We help people understand, manage and secure their online profiles.

Capability and capacity building

We have found that many organisations that conduct their own research still rely on teams of junior or intern analysts, often with minimal training and using only basic search tools. Other organisations seek to acquire hugely expensive technology to supercede or replace their analysts. Othrys believes that true advantage sits between these two poles. For internal teams, we can train and equip analysts with the best open-source tools (tactical and strategic) and techniques, or we can offer you a managed service. We can also help you stay ahead of the technology curve, ensuring you are made aware of new and emerging capabilities as they become available.

What can we help you with?

We treat all enquiries with absolute discretion and without any implied commitment or obligation