Othrys People Services

We want you to have access to some of the most skilled, experienced, connected and talented security professionals in the world. People whose professional knowhow and insights have been forged in the most demanding of circumstances, and whose ethics, integrity, drive and professionalism is beyond question. Our networks are full of extraordinary people from around the world who we know, trust and like – and we know that you will trust and like them too.

Our People Services can offer you:

Specialist Recruitment

Led by Tim Cook, our Director High-Trust Search, we use our networks to help you recruit talent from across our international alumni networks. If you are considering senior or unusual interim or permanent hires, or you need people with specific skills at extremely short notice, we would be delighted to help. We can either contribute to your long and short-list processes or run a recruitment campaign for you.

Embedded Experts

Certain roles within an organisation require high levels of trust and confidence and unique skills. We assist by filling a variety of embedded positions such as analysts, investigators, and security professionals, on a short-, medium- or long-term basis. We have an internal recruiting and human resources team that works with you to find the right fit for your company.

Leadership Assessment, Development and Benchmarking

Our professionally qualified and highly experienced team offer a discreet service that identifies strengths, weaknesses and professional-development requirements for key individuals in management and succession positions. Our assessment can help you to identify options for retention, executive development and succession planning. It also helps benchmark your executive team against industry best practice.

The assessment is based on a competency-based interview (on-line or face to face); 360-degree references, which may include customers; psychometrics; and AI facial expression detection analysis for personal development.

We produce individual or team-based reports for senior management including benchmarking; identification of individual and team-based development priorities; and individual leadership development reports with an 18 month priority action plan.

Development and Coaching Services

A number of our most inspirational leaders are using team mentorship and personal coaching to give organisations, businesses and individuals the benefit of their vast experience. These are immensely impressive people who remain humble and grounded, whose insights into life skills, leadership, culture and human behaviour were forged in the most demanding of circumstances and under intense pressure.

Whether you want to review your priorities in life, or develop your leadership skills and management relationships, or prepare for specific events, or assess and develop a key team or group, our coaching and mentoring team is here to help.

Advisory Boards

Many businesses use Advisory Boards to very good effect to support the achievement of specific goals. This may be a light touch to simply add substance and gravitas through relationships with people who are known and respected in their fields; or it could be a Board created to help achieve very specific and time limited objectives, perhaps to achieve an acquisition or merger. Or to support a cultural change or leadership programme; or to navigate a period of transformation (such as digitisation); or to break into new markets, new geographies, with new products; or to help accelerate aspects of business growth.

We can help you create, populate and operate your Advisory Boards. We can help you define your Board strategy, write your Terms of Reference, identify the skill sets you need on your Board, find the right people for you, provide Chair and Secretariate functions as required, and help deliver the Board outputs.

What can we help you with?

We treat all enquiries with absolute discretion and without any implied commitment or obligation