Othrys Crisis Resilience

Othrys can offer specialist crisis management skills developed through our Swedish partners Metis and PWELT that will maintain operational effectiveness in high-stress environments, including retention of skilled staff. They have created and proven a unique approach to organisational resilience in a crisis, blending battlefield military experience with rigorous academic psychological insights in stress management.

You want your leadership team to understand their key responsibilities, and access expert support to implement them. You need your wider teams to take positive actions to manage stress, strengthen endurance and prevent burnout. Othrys can provide training and support to enable you to deliver high performance without compromising the welfare of your people. This strengthens engagement, improves staff retention, and raises organisational performance. It also delivers wider security benefits in reducing the risks of errors and mitigating insider threat risks.

Our crisis resilience experts can help you with:

Crisis Preparedness and Business Resilience

Leadership training to improve understanding and capability to respond to crisis requirements, including analysis, communications, and behaviours. Can also be delivered once crisis is already underway – we can fix the plane in flight. Relevant to all crisis situations – preparation for cyber-attacks, natural disasters, supply chain disruption and others incidents so you can have confidence in your ability to respond and retain key staff.

Assessment of stress management in your environment

Using proven and academically tested models we can assess and measure the impact of specific factors in your environment on individual stress levels (the “psychosocial environment”). This enables targeted interventions to improve staff resilience and retention and mitigate insider and other staff-related risks.

Training and support for endurance and resilience

We have extensive experience in delivering effective training (including “train the trainers”) programmes. We link the strategic requirements to the tactical reality and can adapt our methodology to all crisis situations. We focus on practical, specific interventions to manage stress and prolong performance through long-term crises.

Intelligence based decision making

We can monitor and collect valuable data on your crisis environment to identify the sources of hazards, measure the impact of our stress reduction interventions, and spot emerging trends. These data can then drive decision making and continuous improvement in your performance.

What can we help you with?

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